I Love a Smart Jock – Superman Underneath the Clark Kent Uniform

Kevin HunterSmart Jocks are an ideal hot man. They’re bad and playful, but only with you.  They’re good because they’re dedicated to whatever they choose to do and set there mind on.  Whether it be hitting the books, pumping iron or getting into relationships with the right people that last.  They strive to excel.

“Life is about balance. Most men fall into either the bad boy or the nice guy category. The ideal man is neither, but walks that fine line between the two.”

He’s got all the best traits rolled into one.  Intelligent and athletic.  You can generally spot him at the library, at the gym, on the beach.  You will most likely never find him at a bar or a club.  If you do, strike up a conversation with him and you’ll be surprised to find that he rarely goes to those places.  It was simply a last minute decision to meet up with some friends for an hour.  He’s generally too disciplined to allow himself to slip.  If he does you can bank on him giving himself a hard time about it.  He’ll simply make up for it with some extra gym time, doing those additional reps or jogs on the beach.

Kevin HunterHe may appear distant and aloof, but you’ll be surprised to find him quite shy.  What he expects from you is mutual reciprocation.  He wants you to work just as hard as he does.  An equal opportunity player in the match.  He’ll give you a lifetime of honor and love.  As for the sex?  Expect the love making to go on for hours.  He’s Superman underneath that Clark Kent uniform.   You’ll both never get out of bed.  He won’t let you.

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