Someone said you were hot and I have to agree.

Kevin Hunter - Column - Dude Habits Got a note that said, “Someone said you were hot and I have to agree.”  I unfortunately have to disagree although I appreciate the compliment.  I’m just your everyday average american asshole.  If you want hot you should frequent the beaches in L.A. like Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, Playa Del Rey, Malibu or in the O.C. head on down to Newport Beach and Huntington Beach.  Even throw in Laguna Beach.  All those guys are ten times more hot.

You have to be totally secure to not let it affect you.  With L.A. comes a lot of insecurities.  When someone says someone is hot, you ask okay, “L.A. hot? or Idaho hot?”  What would be a hot 10 in Idaho might not be more than a 5 or 6 if they were in L.A.  See how superficial this all is.

Kevin Hunter - Dude Habits - Writer - Column

I get my fair share of it all which I suppose is better than receiving nothing.  The more recent one was, “I have seen you often, but have never directly communicated with you. I am always moved by the beauty and intensity of your stare. Mesmerizing!

Had an interesting discussion yesterday about testosterone and how it gives a truly competitive nature. We could all relate to the movie “Fight Club” and even thought we would enjoy participating.  Looked at your file this morning and saw that you enjoy that movie as well as other physical contact movies.”

Yep I’m a rough n’ tough tumble dude over here.

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