Here’s what the Press isn’t showing you about Japan

Kevin Hunter

Tsunami Footage [HD]


I want to show everyone the news media we are being presented with here in Japan. I think it’s quite different from what you see on CNN and other Western news outlets.


Due to the popularity of this video, I have started a new page to collect my personal experiences as well as release Japanese news reports about the Tsunami. Please like it to keep up to date!


Note: This video was not shot by me. Although I am a cameraman, I live in Tokyo 180 miles from the disaster zone. I recorded this video from TV to pass on. It is copyrighted by Asahi TV and can’t be posted on YouTube or other sites. I technically shouldn’t be able to post it here, but I’ll leave it up as long as I get away with it!

Google streets view of where this video was shot:

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