Sex Sites Cause Sex Addiction?

I don’t think sex sites cause sex addiction and nor do I condone it, but I think a preoccupation with all things sex can lead to a very narrow existence. It can lead you to compromise your relationships too. But you can say the same thing about any website. If you’re spending more time online the odds of you getting lost in it can be great. If you’re with someone you can develop a friendship online that turns into something more and you take off with that person. So it’s not just limited to sex sites.

“When you go online, you have the illusion of having interacted with someone. The person gets a high and feels better temporarily but then there’s a big letdown.”

Kevin Hunter
Straight men would be on similar sex sites I’m sure if it were easy to get sex from women, but that’s a whole different dynamic. It’s much harder for them. They have to work at it to get it. Might be something to that. To have to work hard to get something rather than it being easy.

Kevin Hunter
“For certain individuals, the Internet is an easy way of satisfying social needs.  But it also gives false gratification because there isn’t any connection or followup or social interaction, so there’s a letdown.”

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