The Super Full Moon Moves Closer to Earth than it has in 18 years – March 19, 2011

Kevin HunterThe Full Moon is in Virgo Saturday March 19, 2011 and it will be closer to the earth than it’s been in 18 years.  For those in North America, you’ll be able to see the maximum fullness of the Moon as early as the afternoon.  Later at night it will loom obscenely large above us and seem closer than you’ve probably ever remember seeing it.  This is why it’s a Super Full Moon.

The Moon is strongly associated with our emotions, instincts and moods.  Be prepared to feel more powerfully creative and a good boost in emotions and reactions.  Some of those reactions may be blown way out of proportion so take care with those around you.

Kevin HunterThis Full Moon occurs with the Sun in Pisces while the Moon travels through Virgo.  This Moon asks the earth to merge the Sun in Pisces’ focus on the dream, the vision, and the big picture with the details of the material world revealed by the Moon in Virgo. 


This Super Full Moon straddles the line between dream and reality, outlining the differences between the two, but also offering a bridge.  As a result, this Moon puts more creative energy at our finger tips.  Our capacity to bring things into manifestation is greatly increased.  With the proper handling, the energy of this Moon can help shepherd dreams as well as nightmares into concrete form. So be careful on where you’re placing your focus and energy.

Work on not reacting to situations at hand.  The energies being unleashed are not here simply to trigger fear.  While destruction is all that is in the news right now, remember that what is cleared away makes room.  With the room for more you must fill it with something, otherwise it will be void.  This Moon is here to help us fill that void with our intentions, and it is up to us to get rid of our fears.

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