Mercury Retrograde is here to mess things up for all of us three times a year

Kevin HunterMercury Retrograde is here to mess things up for all of us. If you haven’t heard of the Mercury Retrograde by now, then all I got to say is…where the hell you been??

I have to keep this short, because my computer is sluggish today which is one of the things Mercury Retrograde effects.  Because the planet rules everything Mercurial including all things related to Communication and Transportation, you can be sure those things will be hit the hardest.

Kevin HunterYou’ll all find that for 3 weeks things won’t be exactly going your way.  Avoid serious conversations with anybody and relationships of all kinds, personal and business.  Misunderstandings are big and can even end a relationship.  Don’t sign anything or move forward with anything important until after Mercury goes direct.  You’ll thank me for it later, trust me.  The effects can be felt big time days before and sometimes it’s worse then.

What to do during a retrograde is simply stop with all things important if you can and wait it out, go back and review, revise, rethink it all.  Then we go direct and it’s safe to begin putting those plans into action.

Still don’t know what all this Mercury Retrograde talk is?


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