It shouldn’t be a surprise that Facebook causes depression

Kevin HunterThe L.A. Times says that, “Facebook can be a tough social landscape for teens already prone to poor self-esteem.”  This isn’t just limited to teens this affects all people that are on it all day or find that they can’t get through the day without logging on.  Those that are too busy and living in the real world don’t bother much logging into Facebook. If you’re on it all day or throughout the day there can definitely be a degree of isolation that increases to a possible dangerous rate.

People need social stimulation, but the problem with the internet is its not necessarily “real” social stimulation.    The L.A. Times goes on to say, ”

With in-your-face friends’ tallies, status updates and photos of happy-looking people having great times, Facebook pages can make some kids feel even worse if they think they don’t measure up.

It can be more painful than sitting alone in a crowded school cafeteria or other real-life encounters that can make kids feel down, O’Keeffe said, because Facebook provides a skewed view of what’s really going on.”

Kevin Hunter

Again I’ll remind people that its NOT just limited to teens, it’s anyone who lives online and you know who you are.   In order to get out of that rut, starting getting out more and seeing if you can through one day without logging on to Facebook.  Actually start off with you’re allowed just ‘one’ log in a day for a few weeks, then move it to ‘one’ log in every other day.  Imagine how much free time you’ll have to be productive in more innovative ways.

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