Buff Muscular College Guy Flirts

Kevin Hunter - Column - Dude HabitsBuff Muscular College Guy Flirts!

I was walking up the sidewalk towards this Italian cafe and this dude was sitting at one of the tables outside studying. He was buff and muscular. Maybe in his 20’s somewhere. Definitely one of those smart jocks. As he saw me coming up the walk he started fidgeting and kept looking up at me. Then as I got closer he suddenly popped out his chest. Dang. I thought that’s what dudes do when they’re suddenly attracted to something. They show off those feathers like a peacock by popping out their chest and flexing their biceps. Isn’t that interesting. It’s a reflex that’s probably done without realizing it. Then I thought well what do women do when they see something they’re attracted to. They flip their hair around or put on a naughty smile. They face towards you. Lick their lips and constantly touch you.

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