He Saw the Bulge In My Pants

Kevin Hunter - Column - Dude Habits
My buddy comes over to talk to me. I’m sitting down. He’s leaning over me a little bit whispering something private about something.  He looks down my body for a split second and says, “Whoa that’s a nice view.”

I look down confused. I’m wearing jeans and sitting with my legs apart, and there it is, the shape of my cock bulging under it. I abruptly close my legs and pull my chair under my desk.
“Oops” I say. I don’t blush, because I don’t get all that embarrassed, but I did laugh. “Sorry” I ad.

“Hey don’t apologize, that’s god’s gift.” He reminds me.

Kevin HunterKevin Hunter
Author, Sex Columnist Kevin-Hunter.com

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