He Waited Months To Have Sex With Me

Kevin Hunter - Column - Dude Habits
This one dude was quietly courting me. Although he wasn’t terribly direct about it because you would never know that’s what he was up to. Every month or so I’d get a text from him seeing how I’m doing. Eventually he’d work it up to, “Hey want to hang out.” I tell him I’d love to. This went on for six months when we didn’t talk for a couple months and he came around again asking me to dinner. I thought why not. I’m still single. Going out should be fine. Well that night he has a few drinks more than usual and gets real comfortable and starts kissing me. Long story short. We have sex. He later tells me, “I think I’ve been a gentleman long enough to finally earn a piece of that.” Sweet talker.

Although I appreciate his ability to wait it out, throughout this whole ordeal I was never quite into him. Not as much as he was with me I discover. This is where you have to be careful. What do you do when you enjoy someone, you’re attracted to them, but you don’t see ‘relationship’ with them anywhere in the equation. They’re simply just someone to have fun with until the REAL relationship guy comes in. Problem is he sees you as that guy. This is where you better back out and fast. You both have to be on the same level or you’ll have a blow up ahead.

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