Man of the Week: Scott Herman

Kevin Hunter
Scott Herman is a guy to go to when you want to get in shape.  He’s also one of the best friends you could ever hope to have.  Well rounded likable guy who loves all people that do their best and who don’t disrespect others.  He’s also a straight ally which probably one of the bravest things one can do I imagine.

Kevin Hunter

Check out Scott Herman’s website:

Kevin Hunter

Kevin HunterThe crowd submitted Scott Herman some questions to answer.  He responded via a web camera that his mom assisted with.  I love his response to the question where he’s asked if he wished that there were straight hook up sites for him instead of all these gay hook up sites.  He said no, that he’s too busy getting stuff done and being productive and if there were straight hook up sites he wouldn’t get anything done.  We should all aspire to that mantra.  I love a productive dude.  Watch the interview:

This is an incredible interview he does giving you a sense of how articulate and intelligent he is:

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