Ageism: You’re Much Older Than I Prefer

Kevin Hunter - Column - Dude HabitsI get hit on by those I’m not interested in. They’re either 20 years old or 60 years old.  Nothing in the middle.  Or if I have a strong connection with someone they’re always in another state or too far.  Or sometimes they’ll email me a couple times then completely disappear. Lost interest that fast? I mean come on! It’s bullshit.

Here are some example notes this week, all over 55.  I know ageism exists and any kind of come on is flattering, but when you’re wondering where are all the dudes around your age are it gets exhausting.  These guys are more than 20 years older than me.  When I was 16, trust me I had the hots for someone in their 30’s.  Let me tell ya.  However, the dudes pushing 60 who are trying to form a romantic relationship with me simply because they think I’m hot and smart is not a valid reason.  Hey I could fall in love with a 20 year old and a 60 year old.  You just never know when it comes to romance, so I’m not knocking it.  I’m just realistic.

Wait I know where all the guy in their 30’s are, they’re either in relationships or going after guys in their 20’s.

This one is 60 years old: “don’t know why, since I’m clearly out of your age range. I did like reading about you & looking at you.”

This one is 59 years old: “Hi There, I’ve always liked the company of people who seem to know what they want, and pursue it till they own it. Like you. If you like to give as much as you enjoy to receive, if you are passionate about things, and keep the fire going long after the firework is done, if you don’t start every sentence with the word I, and capable of listening to others , even when you too have things to say, if when you meet someone, you care beyond his numbers (age, wealth, size, and the count of times his been to Europe), I want to meet you. If intemacy doesn’t scare you, And the idea of falling for someone doesn’t make you run away, I want to hear from you. Till then, Jehuda”

This one is 56 years old: “hi-you certainly know how to stop a guy in his tracks! somehow the power of the keyboard will allow me to be blunt-if you could get into a discreet genrous new york guy spoiling you-perhaps we can talk! As I look up at your amazingly sexy “brooding” eyes i guess i understand better what devilish streak in me allowed me to contact you; forgive me for allowing myself to be so enamored, hoping that i have reason to be in LA or you would possibly want to take a walk on the beach with Molly (my beagle) and I one of these beautiful spring weekends in the Hamptons. I would love to share a meal and some wine and find out what is the story behind you, what makes you happiest, and more. Let me know if these are options, and perhaps we could make a plan……

Okay might I ad that last one quickly gave me his phone number.

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