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Kevin HunterRussell Crowe has been one of my favorite actors of all time since the skin head flick, “Romper Stomper”, which was an Australian film that followed the exploits and downfall of a racist skinhead group in blue-collar suburban Melbourne. I’ve loved every film he’s ever done to date.

I know that when Russell Crowe is in a movie, that no matter what it’s about, that it will be entertaining.

Russell actually started his career as a musician in the early 80’s, but starting acting in little films here and there. It was Sharon Stone that had also caught “Romper Stomper” and wanted to cast him in a little western she was producing called, “The Quick and the Dead“.  That would be Russell’s first American film that would also get him noticed by many other filmmakers and propel him to a bankable leading man.   We have Sharon Stone to thank when you think about it.  Leonardo DiCaprio also starred in that film.  Russell and Leo would later star together in “Body of Lies” 13 years later, but this time as A-List stars.

It’s no surprise that this volatile Aries man has quite the reputation of being bold, direct and even sometimes overbearing.  None of his antics have ever bothered or intimidated me as I’m pretty ferocious myself.  In fact, I find myself even more drawn to the man who stands his ground and goes with his gut.

Here is a show of the many faces of Russell that followed:


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L.A. Confidential was the film that would put Russell on the map. He had already been acting in films for about ten years at this point, but was still relatively an unknown to the point that the Studio was hesitant in casting him as Bud White.
Kevin Hunter

L.A. Confidential

Russell Crowe put on 35 pounds for the role of “The Insider”, shaved back his hairline, bleached his hair seven times and had a daily application of wrinkles and liver spots to his skin to transform himself into Wigand who was 20 years older than the actor.
Kevin Hunter

The Insider

Russell bulked up to play the ripped General in “Gladiator”. One of his greatest performances that garnered him an Academy Award. Everyone soon discovered that Crowe was also a force to be reckoned with. The screenplay faced the brunt of many rewrites and revisions due to Russell’s script suggestions. Crowe questioned every aspect of the evolving script and strode off the set when he did not get answers.
Kevin Hunter


“Proof of Life” was an enjoyable film thanks to Crowe’s quiet, hard-bitten charisma. It’s a part Bogart once would have played—the amoral tough guy who rises to the moral occasion—and Crowe gives it just the right note of gravel-voiced masculinity. He was so hot on screen once again.
Kevin Hunter

Proof of Life

There was difficulty when casting Crowe in “A Beautiful Mind”, who was well-liked by the producers, when he went to film Gladiator in a different time-zone and was difficult to reach for an extended period of time to attach him to the project. Tom Cruise was lobbying to play the part, but Ron Howard cast Russell Crowe after seeing his performance in “Gladiator”
Kevin Hunter

A Beautiful Mind

December 2010 Russell Crowe launched an appeal on Twitter to get the sequel to Master and Commander made: “If you want a Master and Commander sequel I suggest you e-mail Tom Rothman at Fox and let him know your thoughts”. The original had did alright at the box office, but not enough to garner a sequel at the time.
Kevin Hunter

Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World

Cinderella Man was loved by audiences and critics, but didn’t generate the kind of box office numbers that the money hungry studios were hoping for.
Kevin Hunter

Cinderella Man

He never looked as good as he did in a rare romantic role in “A Good Year”. This is the pinnacle image of a hot man in his 40’s.
Kevin Hunter

A Good Year

3:10 to Yuma gave me the luxury of seeing two heavy hitters like Russell Crowe and Christian Bale together on screen. And that was worth the price of admission to this great film.
Kevin Hunter

3:10 to Yuma

Not to mention his continued brooding sexiness in “American Gangster”.
I’ve got a hard on for him here.
Kevin Hunter

American Gangster

Tenderness was a little independent film that Russell agreed to do. The producers only convinced Crowe to take on the project after expanding his role and giving his character a voice-over narration. They were surprised that he even bothered with their little film.
Kevin Hunter


Russell Crowe was courted for a supporting role in “Body of Lies”, to which he formally committed after the script was revised. He put on 63 lbs. of weight for the role of the CIA boss.
Kevin Hunter

Body of Lies

Brad Pitt was originally set to star in “State of Play”, but dropped out a week before shooting as the script had changed so much it was no longer the same movie he signed on to do. Nor did he approved of the changes. The studio quickly began courting Russell Crowe, who was finally convinced to jump in as the understudy at the last minute. They had to coordinate the shooting schedule tightly as Crowe was revving up for the role in “Robin Hood”. Hence having to hide behind his long locks in “State of Play”.
Kevin Hunter

State of Play

Robin Hood became one of my many favorite films of Russell Crowe. Despite it’s over critique by critics, I loved the film and wouldn’t mind seeing a sequel. Crowe was back to his strong fighting image again that is reminiscent of Gladiator.
Kevin Hunter

Robin Hood

The Next Three Days keeps you on the edge of your seat simply because of Russell Crowe’s incredible performance.
Kevin Hunter

The Next Three Days

We’re going to be seeing Russell Crowe in fine form soon as he’s currently shooting “The Man with the Iron Fist”. He’s got Quentin Tarantino and Eli Roth involved and in his corner. Russell has never looked better than he will in this film.
Kevin Hunter

The Man With the Iron Fist - CURRENTLY FILMING

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