JEREMY RENNER accepts role in the Bourne Legacy Series

kevin Hunter JEREMY RENNER accepts role in the Bourne Legacy Series

I knew the studio was courting him for the role for awhile, but he hadn’t uttered a word about it. So this is definitely great news! It must’ve just happened. You know he’s gonna be on fire next year because “The Town” was the last movie shot before he was nominated for “The Hurt Locker”. All the other films coming up are big ones that he’s shot since but aren’t out and he’s still shooting them. Bouncing from one gig to the next without a break. They’re gonna be coming out back to back to back. And all tough male dominating protagonists. “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol”, “Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters”, “The Avengers”, “Bourne Legacy (Title TBD)” and a romantic film, “Better Than Chemistry”. I think my heart has skipped some beats too. Anxiously waiting for these new films to come out starting in December.

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