Is the actor dude straight or gay?

Is the actor dude straight or gay?  I’ve never heard of most of them so it’s unimportant anyway at this time.  Hollywood doesn’t care whether someone is gay or not and they all know who is and who isn’t within that circle.  The reason they don’t have their clients discuss it is because they feel its bad for business.  There are only a handful that you can name where this isn’t the case and most of them are women.  Men are less likely to be embraced in Hollywood for their sexuality just yet.

The only way dents will be made are for the ‘in the closet’ male actors who are typically all man without a flamboyant bone in their body, which their are many.  We just don’t notice them or realize it’s them.  As for the press agents not discussing their client’s private lives, they are all like that regardless of whether the client is straight or not, so let’s not jump on that band wagon.

I understand more ‘men’ need to be open about it in Hollywood and soon they will, but not just yet.  In the end, as they say, what matters is the work they do, not whose in their bedroom. I don’t think a tough male actor who neither denies or admits his sexuality really matters as much as people think.

Kevin Hunter, author of Jagger’s Revolution 

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