Michelle Pfeiffer voted best Catwoman by Gay.net users

Michelle Pfeiffer voted best Catwoman by Gay.net users.  This doesn’t come as a surprise as everyone loves Michelle Pfeiffer.  The girl can do no wrong.  She’s stunning…even today at 53.  She’s enjoyable to watch in every film no matter what its about.  You can’t help but watch her.  She exudes a real sexuality that is now lacking in today’s films.   She’s a natural at dark material with substance.  We dudes love Michelle Pfeiffer.

Who’s the best kitty of Gotham City?

  • Julie Newmar – Batman (TV Series) 1966
  • Lee Meriwether – Batman (The Movie) 1966
  • Eartha Kitt – Batman (TV Series) 1967
  • Michelle Pfeiffer – Batman Returns 1992
  • Halle Berry – Catwoman 2004
  • Anne Hathaway – The Dark Knight Rises 2012
  • Tyra Banks – Teen Choice Awards 2011
Michelle Pfeiffer will be back on a screen near you beginning December 2011 and into 2012 with three films, “New Year’s Eve”, “Welcome to People” and Tim Burton’s “Dark Shadows” in the Spring of 2012.
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