Magnesium is great for anxiety and depression

I’ve been taking up to 1000 mg. a day of Magnesium and have found I can reduce and even eliminate my anti-depression medication.  This is great news for those looking for other ways to eliminate being on meds.  Of course ALWAYS talk to your doctor about this first and get their opinion on what they feel is safe and are for your needs.  We are all built differently and need different things.

From personal experience I’ve found that taking the 1000mg. a day has increased my energy and alertness a great deal, not to mention my anxiety was reduced times ten and my depression was pretty much eliminated.  The downfall negative side effect I’ve experienced is horrible insomnia.  Getting up in the middle of the night and laying there for 3-4 hours before I fall asleep.  This is not okay.

I was taking a 500 mg. tablet of Magnesium in the morning and then second 500mg. tablet in the afternoon.  I believe this second tablet is the culprit to my 2 days of insomnia.

Since I don’t want to do away with the Magnesium because its turning me into a carved out warrior, I will take both tablets in the morning and see if that assists in alleviating the horrible insomnia.  If that doesn’t do it then I’ll have no choice but to reduce my Magnesium tablet to just one 500 mg. tablet in the morning.  There are reports of people taking 1000mg for depression with no side effects, so sometimes your body has to adjust.  However, if you’re looking for other alternatives that are considered safe.  Then give Magnesium a go!

The bottle I’ve been taking from is this one which is only $5-7 depending on where you get it from.  Nature’s Life Magnesium 500 mg.

(The recommendation is to try to keep all doses at not more than 300-400 mg. each. 100-200 mg at a time work more efficiently. Some clients have experienced sleep difficulties when taking magnesium late in the day as magnesium can contribute to energy. If this happens to you confine your supplementation to earlier hours.)

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