Angel Boards are NOT of the Devil

Angel Boards are NOT of the Devil.  Sorry.

This is really to counterbalance the negativity that is fueled by hostile human beings who mire in that bad energy saying that the boards are the devil.  Only those that have the devil with them to begin with can invoke the devil while using the boards.  Man is the devil.  The boards should only be used by those of a higher spiritual vibration and no one else.

Ouija Boards are the same deal, but more prone to inviting the wrong kind of spirit in.  The big issue with Ouija Boards are that they’re sold as games and toys when they are not.  They’re marketed to the general public as fun when they shouldn’t be.  They should only be used as I said by those that are of a higher vibration or are versed and gifted with this sort of material.   The problem is there are people out there with a lower vibration who are discussing the boards when they know nothing about them.  These include, but are not limited to, the bible quoters who are also notorious for misinterpreting what they read and trying to instill the fear of God into others.  Those people are more dangerous than anyone else out there.  I can tell you from my daily communications with God that they know not what they speak of, but He sees their innocence regardless.  They’ll discover the truth on their own when they pass on.

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