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Jeremy Renner on Facebook

Jeremy Renner on Facebook.  The page appears to be newer and will be kept up to date on his film roles, interviews as well as ever changing photos. This is for all of you to stay up to date on … Continue reading

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“Bridesmaids” is for the men and is the equivalent to “The Hangover” except the leads are women

I like to catch up on all sorts of movies in every genre.  I had heard of Bridesmaids as it was getting some good buzz out there.  I had it on my list of movies to eventually see, but I was … Continue reading

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Wikipedia: Kevin Hunter

Kevin Hunter is a dating/relationship/sex expert specifically for young gay adults and anyone else interested.  He’ll be kicking off a string of book releases into 2012 starting with the dude erotic romance book, Jagger’s Revolution which is currently available where … Continue reading

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Man of the Week: David Testo, hot soccer player

David Testo is another hot sports dude who has recently announced he bats for the men’s team. Yep, like in gay. More and more of these guys who are sports heroes are coming out and announcing that they are too. … Continue reading

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“The Right to Love: An American Family”

I don’t like to use this blog for politics or religion and prefer to remain neutral and open to all, but in this case I’m making an exception simply because all I got out of this was love and family. … Continue reading

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Best Supplements for Men

Best Supplements for Men Please note that the problems they assist with is a generalization.  Many of these supplements combat several other symptoms not listed. (source) Men’s Health Acetyl L-Carnitine Problem: Brain drain This amino acid converts fats to energy and boosts … Continue reading

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