10 Best & Best Michelle Pfeiffer performances in cinema

This is Michelle Pfeiffer and Zac Efron week in promotion of their duo dancing in the film “New Year’s Eve”.

Zac Efron hasn’t had the career that Michelle has, but check back in ten years and you may find cinema’s new leading man.   He’s churned out some fine performances in some key films, but look out because his work is getting better and he’s got six films coming out back to back in the coming year or two starting with “New Year’s Eve”.

Although he had his own starring vehicle in “Charlie St. Cloud” and held his own for an otherwise overly melodramatic script, to see his finer performances check out “17 Again”, “Me and Orson Welles” and of course “Hairspray” where he had first worked with with Michelle Pfeiffer.

On to the legendary actress, Michelle Pfeiffer’s best film performances are wide and varied.  Very few disagree that its difficult to watch her in a movie.  When she’s in a film you can’t help but stare at the screen.  Her beauty, allure and definite star talent is a sword that strikes you in fun films such as, “What Lies Beneath”, “Stardust”, “The Story of Us”, “One Fine Day”, “Wolf” and “Tequila Sunrise”.

As fun as it is to stare at her in those films and pretty much any film she’s ever made, her best performances were actually in some other notable films of her career.

Here is a top ten list of the best performances of Michelle Pfeiffer in cinema to date.  These films contain the roles where she disappeared into character and went with it.  You can tell she was having fun relishing in fleshing out the person she was playing in each of these films.

Married to the Mob

Dangerous Liasons

The Fabulous Baker Boys

Batman Returns

Love Field

The Age of Innocence

Frankie & Johnny

The Deep End of the Ocean

White Oleander


She was nominated for an Academy Award for her work in “Dangerous Liasons”, “The Fabulous Baker Boys” and “Married to the Mob”.   Then she became an even bigger and bankable actress and the Academy more or less ignored some of her colorful performances.   She was nominated for a Golden Globe for her work in “Frankie & Johnny” as well as “The Age of Innocence”.  Two films she should’ve got the Oscar nomination for as well.  The other films she should’ve been recognized by the Academy were, “A Thousand Acres”, “The Deep End of the Ocean” and “White Oleander”.  Unfortunately as good as those films were, they weren’t good enough and contained plot holes.  It’s difficult to adapt a big book to screen and it got judged more than her incredible gut wrenching performances in them.  The two blockbusters “Batman Returns” and “Hairspray” should’ve also garnered her with the Academy Award nomination for her indelible performance in both.

She can be seen in three new films in the next six months.

New Year’s Eve – December 9, 2011

Welcome to People – March 2, 2011

(Tim Burton’s) Dark Shadows – May 11, 2011

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