Charlize Theron is back after a long hiatus in “Young Adult”


Okay not only is the woman one of the most beautiful creatures in the world, but she’s also best friends with my man Jeremy Renner.  I love how everyone and everything is connected.  There are no strangers.  She’s given him some advice on the public’s sudden interest in him, “Take it moment by moment.  Don’t fucking freak out, just have fun.”

She’s one of the biggest actor fighters for gay rights.  She’s loudly vocal with support for same sex marriage.  She rallies straight people to march with her in uptight towns like Fresno, California.  She refuses to get married herself until everyone else can.  She vents for ten minutes at a time on her anger with the issue on national news programs.  There’s no stopping her and she seems to love it more than I do and that’s saying a lot.

She’s an incredible actress who doesn’t act, but becomes the character emerging into a colorful array of work such as “Monster”, “Celebrity”, “Hancock” and “North Country”.  She doesn’t perform, she embodies and empathizes with her characters no matter how dislikable they might be.  She finds their truth and manages to have that stealing scene in each of her films where you’re suddenly watching the greatest performance in cinema history.  Like Pfeiffer she has also been absent from the screen in the last couple of years.  In fact, all of these actors I’m listing are some of the greats and have been missing in action.  Nothing has interested me enough to run out and see for awhile until now.

She’s back this month in “Young Adult” and there is already Oscar buzz surrounding her performance and the movie itself.   Being a writer for young adults myself, I’m also not going to miss this one as Charlize plays an author of young adult books who goes back to her hometown to reconnect with her high school boyfriend.   I’ve never had any interest in going back home to reconnect with anything let alone a high school sweetheart, but I could have some serious fun shaking things up.

She recently stated about the character, “I don’t like sympathy on screen. I don’t like it for myself, either. When you ask for sympathy in life, it’s like you’re victimizing yourself.  I’d rather be someone and play someone who just says, ‘This is my own shit and I have to deal with it.’”  She’ll be seen next Summer as the Wicked Queen in Snow White and the Huntsman.  Another one not to be missed!

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