Jeremy Renner kicks off a year full of action flicks starting with Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol


Oh boy.  Need I say more?

Unless you’ve been living in a cave or under a rock these last few years then you better catch up with what’s been going on in my world of current events.   I normally wouldn’t bother rushing to the theater to see another Mission Impossible, but since Jeremy Renner is in it I’ll be hitting the theaters to check it out.

Anything he’s in I’m lined up for and he’s hitting the big screen with Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.  This is the 3rd…no 4th of the series.

Everybody is already talking about Tom doing his own stunts dangling outside the worlds tallest building in Dubai.  Jeremy hanging outside the window with a strap holding him in through his belt loop.  Although he was feeling faintish ready to vomit, Tom was the one swinging like a maniac.

So few actors these days can fill a screen with the kind of ferocious intensity that Jeremy can.  The last two films he was in he was nominated for an Academy Award, “The Hurt Locker” (2009) and “The Town” (2010).  Although I’ve been a fan of him since he played Jeffery Dahmer ten years ago, he’s more recently become my  actor crush.  This just goes to show you or me that some of us simply age like fine wine.  He’s 40 and never looked better.

My run-ins with him have been near run-ins all throughout his career as we near criss-crossed on studio lots and sound stages.

This time next year he’ll be on top of the world in several other films he’s been shooting this past year.  The gothic “Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters”, Marvel’s Comic Hero adventure, “The Avengers”, and the lead in “The Bourne Legacy”.  The Bourne film will be the one that will put him at the top of the A-list or destroy him.   He even offered his sexy, gritty voice to the new animated “Ice Age: Continental Drift”.  He’s been busy, busy, busy.

He promises that that will be it for the action films for awhile after next year.  The boy is known for dark character roles and that’s what we want to see him in.  He’s opened his own boutique production company to be able to focus on nurturing creative talent in all fields.  Not that I’m opposed to seeing him big, bad and muscular holding a gun, sword or bow and arrow, but I like the other Jeremy as well.  The one that gave me a varied display of eclectic characters in “Neo Ned”, “12 & Holding”, “A Litttle Trip to Heaven” and of course, “Dahmer”.

Is he gay? Probably. I don’t personally care either way, but that kind of press seems to bother the fuck out of some people so were going to run it into the ground for all eternity.  I thank a friendly source for bringing that to light with me and who knows what else he’ll do with all his powerful resources.  Regardless, we know which way he truly flips, but I’ll never tell since it’s not my place and who cares.  Focus on his acting work.

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