“New Year’s Eve” is not as bad as critics are making it out to be

Although the critics slammed “New Year’s Eve” as one of the worst movies of the year, the audiences felt differently rather enjoying it.  Who truly takes critics all that seriously anyway.

Audiences wrote:

“They forgot the fact that its a very funny movie. I watched it and couldn’t stop laughing from beginning to the end.  Everybody has different tastes.”

“I kind of liked it. NICE fluff and lovely to see so many stars in a fluff movie.”

Sarah Jessica Parker & Abigail Breslin play Mother/Daughter offering one of the more bouncier & interesting pairings in the film.

“I saw it and I liked it…..know why? Cause for once I got to enjoy many good actors all at once without any cursing, sick humor,  foul sarcasm, torturing or killings.  I LIKED IT and I hope the value of it spreads through the year!”

Josh Duhamel searches diligently for his soul mate he met & lost one year ago in "New Year's Eve"

“I just saw New Years Eve, and I quite enjoyed it. Were there deep, thoughtful moments? Was there Oscar worthy material? No. But it was cute and funny, and touching in some parts. I would recommend it.”

Jessica Biel & Seth Meyers play husband/wife in one of the more unnecessary subplots in the film.

Critics are generally bitter, jaded creatures who are critiquing every little thing every minute of the day.  They’re also difficult to please and they forget that most of us have guilty pleasures.  We want to escape the stresses, depressions and feelings of isolation in our lives and simply escape into a fantasy.  “New Year’s Eve” accomplishes just that.

Robert DeNiro & Halle Berry manage to bring deep emotion into the lackluster words printed on the script in New Year's Eve thus making it believable.

The film is a completely unrealistic and contrived world, yet it’s bright, fun and full of love. There are many out there exhausted with fighting our day to day battles and watching another overblown shoot ’em up movie with no point.   If you get depressed this holiday season or are completely stressed out and over it all and everyone in it, then I would recommend going to see “New Year’s Eve” as it is an uplifter despite it being like a gigantic Hallmark card.

Katherine Heigl & Sofia Vergara give us light comic relief in their bits in New Year's Eve

Despite the critics attacks on the film they do manage to praise one tiny element within each of their scathing reviews.  They loved the Michelle Pfieffer – Zac Efron sequences more or less calling it the film’s saving grace. If only the entire film could’ve surfaced around their characters.  They were the only actors that actually developed and fleshed out the roles they were playing as much as they could.  It ended up being the surprising charm behind the film:

Michelle Pfeiffer & Zac Efron are the real stars of New Year's Eve making them the #1 most enjoyable pairing in the movie.

“Efron and Pfeiffer hit their marks perfectly and never believe the film they’re in deserves more. Their escapades are funny, heart-warming, and always a joy when onscreen amidst the other tales of unrequited love and hopeful connections.”

“the story works thanks to the chemistry between the still-spry Pfeiffer and Efron” 

“Efron and Pfeiffer flit around Manhattan on a scooter, with him playing a messenger and her as a frumpy secretary; she has tickets to an exclusive party, and a list of resolutions — and she’ll give him the tickets if he can help her cross every item off her list. This, by the way, is the only coupling that creates the slightest spark, though not of romantic chemistry.”  

“How can one not enjoy the company of Efron and Pfeiffer?” 

“Aside from the plot strand involving Efron and Pfeiffer, Marshall’s film rings hollow, practising shameless emotional manipulation at every turn.” 

“Michelle Pfeiffer has accepted the mantle of being an older actress that is willing to concede her age and play mature roles. Like everything else she has ever tried, she does this excessively well.” 

“Michelle Pfeiffer is the only star who properly shines in this follow-up to Valentine’s Day from director Garry Marshall.” 

“I also loved the sequences involving Pfeiffer as a socially inept woman and Efron as the flirty but kind-hearted young man.”

“We joke about that kiss between Michelle and Zac, but their story is the highlight. Efron plays a bike messenger who makes a deal with Pfeiffer, a woman with a dead-end job. He has just the right amount of energy to complement Pfeiffer’s dowdy woman who’s never-been-in-love schtick.”

“But it’s adorable messenger boy Zac Efron and an unrecognizably frumpy Michelle Pfeiffer who steal the show.”

“The strangest thread, and the only one that seems to suggest a more interesting story hidden somewhere beneath, involves Zac Efron as an eminently smackable, jive-talking bike messenger hired by a harried secretary (Michelle Pfeiffer) to help her fill out a list of increasingly elaborate New Year’s resolutions.  At times seeming to suggest that Pfeiffer’s character is on the verge of suicide, and at others planting the strangely alluring possibility of a Harold-and-Maude romance, the pairing is just off enough to be intriguing. And then … absolutely nothing happens with it.”

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