Man of the Week: Robert Downey Jr.


He is one of the most diverse and talented actors out there and one who is big on improvisation.   He’s got the body of a lithe athlete, the skills of a gymnast and the activism of a world champion.

What you get is a resume full of eclectic characters and entertaining us all in such as Chances Are, Air America, Heart and Souls, Short Cuts, Only You, One Night Stand, Two Girls and a Guy, In Dreams, Wonder Boys, Gothika and A Scanner Darkly.

The films that catapulted him to the next plateau and got him noticed for a gifted performer however, were in some other films you may have heard of:

The Pick Up Artist

Less Than Zero



Natural Born Killers

Home For the Holidays



Tropic Thunder

Ironman 2

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows


I loved the first Sherlock Holmes so much that when the credits rolled I mumbled, “I hope they make another one.” They have and its at a theater near you, “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows”.

In my next book, which will be out soon, I compare Holmes and Watson to a King and a Prince.  See the movie, watch how they relate to one another and you’ll understand how the dynamic is applied to men in relationships.

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