Tom Cruise and Jeremy Renner dance together in Mission


I’ve never been a Tom Cruise fan.  I don’t care whether he’s in movies or not.  The only reason Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol interested me was for Jeremy Renner, although the film is so much fun that it really doesn’t matter whose in it.  The star is the Mission itself.  I do give props to Tom Cruise who still looks incredible and he’s pushing 50!

As a non-fan of Tom Cruise he has been in films I actually did like.  From an objective perspective by someone who could care less about the guy I give him kudos for churning out the following films I actually did like that he did:

Risky Business

The Firm

Interview with the Vampire

Jerry Maguire


War of the Worlds

Knight and Day

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol


Jeremy Renner I’ve come to know recently, but have had many near fated incidents with the man over the last decade.  I’ve been a fan of his acting work since Dahmer, but ran into him when he was shooting S.W.A.T. on the Sony Pictures lot.  My office was right next to the sound stage where they were shooting that with Colin Farrell.  It was impossible to avoid him even if I tried.

Julia Stiles is a friend of mine who asked me to work on an independent film of hers called “A Little Trip to Heaven”, unfortunately I was already working on another film and ironically Jeremy Renner ended up being Julia’s co-star in “A Little Trip to Heaven”.

Jonathan Tucker is also another actor friend of mine and he had asked me to work with him on a film called “Love Comes to the Executioner”.  I was again already working on something else and had to turn it down.  Fatedly Jeremy Renner was hired to co-star in the Executioner film with Tucker.

The year Jeremy Renner was nominated for an Academy Award for “The Hurt Locker” my dad was the cinematographer for that show.  That was also one of the years I was invited to the ceremony.  Although I ended up hanging out back stage during the actual show I did run into Jeremy there and the first thing I thought was, “Wait.  Who are you?  I know you.”  His career took off after that and he was added to the top of every filmmakers dream cast list.

He had already completed shooting on “The Town” which came out later that year and garnered him another academy award nomination.  The public hasn’t had the opportunity to see him in anything since then, but that’s because he’s been filming away.  All of those movies are coming out starting now with Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

As fate would have it again, 2011 has become the year where I am always running into him, seeing as how I’ve been his neighbor for some time.  The first time I turned the corner and jogged smack into him.  As he apologized profusely, I attempted to collect myself and my ipod that hit the floor I began to realize that it was Jeremy.  Serendipity baby.  Eat your heart out! 😛

You’ve recently come into the love of Jeremy Renner’s work and you are unsure of what to see of his as he’s been around for a long time.  Here are my pick suggestions for you to be better acquainted with my man:



Neo Ned

12 and Holding

A Little Trip to Heaven

North Country

The Unusuals: One Season Only

The Hurt Locker

The Town

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