Doreen Virtue and the Angels

Doreen Virtue is a successful and gifted clairvoyant that also delivers messages from the angelic realm.  I know that probably sounds a little hocus pocus-y, because that’s what I used to think at one point.  That changed when I dove into that world myself and made it my life’s mission to study and open up that channel.

My entire life shifted in miraculous ways because of it.  I had nothing and struggled before I did that.  Now I have everything and more great stuff keeps coming to me.  I’ve also never been this centered and at peace.  I can hear, see and feel them all around me all day, everyday.

I have a scientific background and always need concrete proof when it comes to anything.  It wasn’t that I didn’t believe, because I’m always open to all points of view.  My initial reaction was one of aloof non-interest.   I didn’t knock it, I would just listen to it and then jump to an entirely different topic because the angelic realm bored me.  I didn’t get it nor did I care to.  I thought it was hallmark-y and hokey from afar, didn’t know there was more to it.

It’s impossible for me to meditate or calm down, I’m so physically active and unstoppable that its virtually difficult for me to center and connect to anything from another plane.  That changed when I tried it myself and started to get results.  I started out with little baby steps and my inquisitive mind began to grow wanting to know more.  The results were all the confirmation I needed to know that there is something to it.  Now I don’t even doubt or question it.   I have Doreen Virtue to thank ultimately for bringing it to light, although there were messengers before her that would utter things about it here and there.  It didn’t happen over night, but gradually over time.  I’ve always had it since I was a kid, but kind of pushed it down through life’s circumstance.  Now that it’s erupted and fully out there, I’ve never been more content.

It’s Christmas weekend and I felt that this was an appropriate post for this season.  If you’re remotely interested or curious in checking it out yourself, then these are some books I would recommend to start out with from the Doreen Virtue library:

If you really want to delve even deeper Doreen Virtue has an entire array of oracle cards.  There are more than a dozen available. The three I would start off with if you’re interested are these:

Also be sure to check out her meditation cd’s and downloads as well.


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