Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters release date pushed to January 2013

The studio is nervous about releasing Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters as originally planned on March 2, 2012.  They don’t feel that the movie is strong enough on its own and with very little star power its success looks grim.  Jeremy Renner, Gemma Arterton and Famke Janssen star in this gothic action picture.  Hansel & Gretel are all grown up and seek revenge on the witch that did them wrong.

All stars are unknown to the world at large.  Granted Jeremy Renner has seen a rise in his career after his nominations in The Hurt Locker and The Town.  He’s got a relatively growing fan base, but in truth most people still do not know who he is.  He’s currently being seen in a supporting role in the fourth of the Mission Impossible series, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

Still that movie belongs to Tom Cruise.  Jeremy is part of an ensemble group of talented supporting actors in Mission and his performance is exceptional as he always is, but its still not enough to give his star power a boost.  The studio wanted to wait to see what would happen with Mission and although the movie is a box office smash, it did not elevate Jeremy’s status into the A-list group to open a movie.  This is unfortunate and clearly the public doesn’t know talent if it fell on them like a brick wall.

He stars this Summer in a relatively small role in a big budget action movie this May in, The Avengers and will headline another big budget action movie in August, “The Bourne Legacy”.  The Bourne series spawned 3 films that starred Matt Damon.  Jeremy Renner takes the helms in the lead in the fourth of the Bourne Franchise.  Hollywood and the studio for Hansel & Gretel are banking on these two films to see if Jeremy’s star power rises.  They stand a better chance of raking in the money pushing “Hansel & Gretel” into theaters long after The Avengers and The Bourne Legacy.

When a studio pushes a film’s release date that far out into the future it’s because they’ve viewed the film and feel that success is unlikely.  Regardless of who is in it, it should be able to withstand success on its own.  They’ve all no doubt had several meetings about the probable success of the film and feel their only hope is if they have a major star to draw in a crowd.  Easier to shelve it and see how Jeremy Renner’s career does rather than run it in a few hundred theaters.  Otherwise this might’ve been one of those direct to DVD flicks which are sometimes actually really good, but perhaps not to the public at large.

As for Gemma Arterton and Famke Janssen, they can forget placing a bet on their careers getting any bigger by the end of this year.  All focus is on Jeremy Renner.

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