Tom Leykis the most awesome man on the planet is coming back April 2012

Tom Leykis speaks to men under the age of 45 and over the age of 18.  He is a tough, no nonsense, call it like it is kind of guy.  He’s highly offensive to some, but to me he is as truthful as they come.  No one wants to be called on their shit, but he does it.  He is my idol, my god, my svengali.

He says, “At some point, when the economy improves, someone will realize that there was (and still is) a large audience of tech-savvy younger men who care about more than just sports. And, looking at the recent ratings, not many young men are listening to the sports talk shows that are currently available in Southern California either. Also: over the last three years, I have seen the future and it doesn’t include clumsy old technology, static, or patriotic Michael W. Smith concerts. Or infomercials. What we are doing is cutting edge, groundbreaking, exciting, and without limits.”

“We will produce the show as a live stream easily received by anyone and everyone with an Internet connection, and we always have the option of making the entire show or a portion of the show available to a radio station, a network, a satellite service, or other methods of distribution you haven’t even thought of yet. One likely possibility is that we will launch on our own and, once everyone sees the impact this show will have, we will decide if we want to continue to produce the show on our own or to take on any outside partners.”

On April 2, here is where you will find Tom Leykis:

For Facebook followers, he will be heard at this link:

In fact, he will be heard on ANY device but a radio. In an exclusive interview, Leykis was asked about that and other updates in the last three years.

full interview


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