Angelina Jolie. Ostracizing Lynch Mob. Part 1 of 5

“We will feature 5 artists in popular culture that have been ostracized by this volatile negative society of ours hiding in clusters for safety and creating a lynch mobbed mentality while the rest of us contribute something to the arts.”

The first one we’re featuring is Angelina Jolie.  There’s no doubt that people love her as much as they hate her.  The ones that hate her spend more of their time seeking her out than those who don’t.  The not thought out point of view is where it’s easier to criticize than to praise.  That doesn’t take  humanity much effort, but looking for something good in someone take work.  It should be the other way around.  Here we like to show compassion instead.  After all, it is our higher sources intent for all of us and what better way to do it, but in popular culture since that seems to grab the most attention.

Angelina Jolie got the acting bug when her mother, Marcheline Bertrand, had abruptly quit any potential acting career to raise Angelina and her brother James Haven.  In a sense, she headed out to fulfill her mother’s dream by becoming an actor herself.  Her father is actor, Jon Voight, but he was more or less out of the picture and they’ve both assumed an on again off again relationship since.

She was bullied and harassed as a teen by other kids growing up.  One of the reasons was  because she was one of the poorer students at Beverly Hills High School.  She was made fun of because of her lack of wealth in that city and ironically the way she looked.  They teased her repeatedly for being too thin and because she wore glasses.  The reason this is irony is obvious, because she’s now considered one of the most beautiful women in the world not to mention also one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood.  I wonder where those students are today?

How has she been ostracized?

Angelina Jolie steals every scene from the great Winona Ryder in "Girl Interrupted" for which she received the Academy Award.

During the first decade of her career, Jolie—who does not employ a publicist or an agent maintained a “wild child” persona in her communication with the media.  She openly discussed her love life, including her bisexuality and her interest in BDSM in her teens and early 20’s.  After she kissed her brother during the Academy Awards in 2000, their close relationship became the subject of tabloid media speculation, which she dismissed as ridiculous.   She spoke about her experiences with drugs and depression, and recalled the time, in 1997, when she almost hired a hitman to kill her, as well as the three days, just before her marriage to Billy Bob Thornton, that she was sectioned at UCLA’s psychiatric ward.

Did this hurt her career?  No, hardly, in fact her career exploded even bigger afterwards.  She is now long been one of Hollywood’s remaining younger talents at 36.  She resides on every casting directors dream list and has been one of the highest paid actresses for over a decade.  She has yet to lose steam.

By the mid-2000s, Jolie’s involvement with the UNHCR and the adoption of her son Maddox had transformed her public image from Hollywood eccentric into humanitarian and devoted mother.

The public flailing still goes on for some strange reason although for the life of me I can’t figure out how or why.  I think it’s rather ominously apparent though.  The green eyed monster tends to prevail in those who have accomplished nothing while they reside on this planet.

Angelina Jolie is someone who evolved through her 20’s quicker than people do in their entire lives here on Earth.  As she moved into her late 20’s she realized there was something bigger out there than meaningless publicity and media attention.  It was helping the world.

I worked with Angelina on an erotic thriller called Original Sin which was a movie that Michelle Pfeiffer had in development at her own production company Via Rosa where she would produce and possibly star in herself.

Pfeiffer ended up giving it to her producing partner who made the movie instead as Michelle’s last company produced film before she closed it up and went into semi-retirement in 2000.

Angelina was right at the end of the dark period of her life at that time and was looking for substance and meaning amidst all this rising star chaos.  I was not surprised to see her do a 180 afterwards and begin traveling the world and getting a real education with humanity.  Tomb Raider was the film she signed on to do next and that was the one that ushered her effortlessly into bigger causes.  She put herself through daily brutal work out routines and did her own stunts.  She connected to the spirit and herself.  They filmed in exotic lands that enabled her to explore and see what else was out there in the world.  Needless to say she found an even greater calling than acting.

She is one of those people that uses their well-known name for positive purposes like bringing attention towards the crimes and poverty happening in other parts of the world.  She’s doing the work of our Ascended Masters like Jesus and Mother Theresa.  She adopts kids and gives them a comfortable upbringing wrought with the best education her money can buy.  She gets knocked for that which is also ironic considering that anyone who can’t afford kids shouldn’t be having them anyway.  At least she waited until she was able to give them a life and be able to focus on them.

The biggest scrutiny she’s had by those that are less than is her relationship to Brad Pitt.  All sorts of media attention has been circling that relationship and did she or did she not steal him from Jennifer Aniston.  Do you really care that much?  What’s interesting is that no one knows what really went down and what it was really like for all of them.  Not one of them has said anything concrete leaving the speculation to be the  worst.  This of course is all gossip and untrue, but I know the real truth.

Jennifer Aniston does one thing good, she’s great at playing Jennifer in everything she does.  I enjoy her some of her films. They’re great escapes and she’s a fun actress to watch.

In person, Jennifer Aniston can be a bit of a pill and she had Brad Pitt by the balls.  Their fights were epic and they were like oil and water.  When they got married Brad’s friends knew it was a mistake. During Brad’s filming of  Fight Club, he and Jennifer were at each other’s throats and no one could understand why the relationship was still going on or why they agreed to get married.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith landed on Brad’s lap and his co-star was set to be Nicole Kidman.  He ended up having to drop out of the movie because as he was filming, Troy, which became the production that would never end extending shooting by months.  The studio offered Mr. & Mrs. Smith to Will Smith who accepted it.  However, then talks came up that they couldn’t pair Will Smith with Nicole Kidman because they didn’t feel the public would welcome the interracial pairing in this highly steamy action picture.  So they shelved the movie and Will and Nicole moved on.

The studio went back to Brad and said, “Look, we’ll wait for you until you’re ready.  We’d rather just make this movie with you, but we need to find you another co-star.”  They handed him a note pad and said, “Write down your three top choices for your co-star and will go get one of them for you.”

Brad’s friends and the studio were nervous that he might put his wife on there, Jennifer Aniston.  Nope.

His #1 choice with a bullet who he wanted as his co-star in Mr. & Mrs. Smith was the great Angelina Jolie.  Of course this would be the nail in Jennifer Aniston’s coffin.

Brad and Angelina were not instant friends, but they were friendly.  Both are actually shy and quiet as people and in person and not what you would expect.  They’re both sweethearts and good natured people who just happen to have these great careers where they’re scrutinized.

The Mr. & Mrs. Smith shoot began with the sex scenes, but the pair were so bashful with one another that the scenes shot were bad and stiff.  As the filming progressed they became good friends and bonded even closer to the point where it was two soul mates in a pod.  Production decided to re-shoot the sex scenes at the end of the filming as the two were much more comfortable with one another and it showed on screen.  We all know the fate of those two after the movie came out and where Aniston went.  Bye-bye.

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt were mis-matched.  Jennifer only has one thing she liked talking about.  Jennifer.  How’s my hair?  How are my clothes?  How did I look?  etc. etc. you get the drift.  She was suffocating him.  Brad is a humanitarian at heart so when Angelina Jolie landed on his lap, this was the romantic pairing that the angels had set up and in mind.  With Angelina, if Brad wants to go to New Orleans and build houses for those living on the streets, he can do so.  If he wants to travel to Africa and see who needs help, Angelina gives him blessings of support.  He never had that with Aniston.  It was look this way, look that way, no were not doing that.

Brad is also a big family man and wanted a family.  Jennifer did not.

Now Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are still ostracized and luckily they ignore it and keep moving forward doing God’s work for those in need.  They continue to work in film so they’re granted the gifts of abundance in order to fulfill their soul purposes life mission.  We support both of them here.

Recommended reading are Angelina Jolie’s Notes From My Travels, if you really want to educate yourself with the horror’s that are going on beyond Hollywood.

Her directorial debut In the Land of Blood and Honey has recently garnered her a Golden Globe Nomination for Best Foreign Film.

She is currently shooting “Maleficent”, that mistress of all evil from Disney’s classic Sleeping Beauty.  In Ultimate Disney’s top 30 Disney Villains countdown, Maleficent ranked #1

Some of Angelina Jolie’s more enjoyable and entertaining films are available on DVD:

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