Daniel Radcliffe faces death in “The Woman in Black”

 I attended a private screening of “The Woman in Black” which opens this Friday, February 3, 2012.  The movie stars Daniel Radcliffe who I met when he was about oh…this high.   He was one of many that came in to audition for “Harry Potter”.  You all know how that story ends because he got the part.  Anyway, this is not Harry Potter, but a much different film.  In fact, it’s probably too frightening for the younger Harry Potter audience.  The tone is a cross between “The Others” and “What Lies Beneath”.

The movie is eerie personified.  Dark and gloomy.  It touches on spiritualism, channeling, automatic writing and good old fashioned ghosts who are experiencing uncomfortable unrest.

Daniel Radcliffe plays a young lawyer who travels to a small village from London to settle some business affairs.  While there he finds strange things going on in the town like people barricade and lock their kids in their houses as if shielding them from something ominous outside.

He heads to stay at a deserted mansion on an island that no one travels to and for good reason.  It’s there where the faint of heart may sit on edge grabbing their partner or chair.

He comes face to face with a venomous ghost, a woman always dressed in black and who is always pissed off.  This was a fun thriller that I recommend for those simply looking for a good time.

It was good.  Creepy, dark, terrifying atmosphere.  Lots of shadows and things jumping out at you.  It’ll satisfy movie goers looking for some thrills.  However, the audience was 75% industry which is fine, but then they had 25% die hard fans I guess.  They were dressed up and screaming into laughter at the slightest noise.  I thought, “really?”, but I’m desensitized and difficult to scare.  At least they had fun is all that matters.  Daniel Radcliffe merged nicely into an adult role beyond the Harry Potter films.

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