Super Bowl 2012: The Giants and the Patriots face off once again after four years this Sunday February 5th. Madonna will be the music entertainer for the half time show.

The Giants face off with the Patriots once again after four years at the Super Bowl this Sunday, February 5, 2012.

Four years ago I witnessed one of the best finishes at the Super Bowl back in 2008 when these two teams hit the field.

The Patriots were basically undefeated at this time and the Giants were considered the underdog.

My quarterback pick is Eli Manning who led the Giants to victory over the undefeated Patriots and became a star back in 2008.  Manning isn’t just a tough bad ass on the field, he’s also a very smart guy who graduated with a degree in marketing and a whopping 3.44 grade point average. He was an unproven quarterback at the time and shocked viewers by taking it in.

Super Bowl 46 sees the two teams meet again to determine who will take home the Vince Lombardi Trophy.   Let’s see if history will be made again as the Giants and Patriots compete for the championship this Sunday.

What started as a 32-team journey has been widdled down to the final two settling the season on Feb. 5 in Indianapolis. See the twists and turns that have defined the Giants’ and Patriots’ marches to Super Bowl XLVI, as well as the 10 other playoff teams knocked out along the way.

Restaurants, hotels and the village all surround Lucas Oil Stadium — creating a compact, walkable Super Bowl district that veterans say is unique to almost all previous venues except perhaps New Orleans.

Watch the Super Bowl 2012 online here


MADONNA will be taking the stage at half time. She’s expected to perform her new single, “Gimme All Your Lovin'” as well as three old hits.

She has 8 minutes to set up her stage which is usually technically elaborate and out of this world, 12 minutes and 40 seconds to put on the greatest show on earth to a part of America in Indiana who are at a sports event that is quite sacred to them, and then 7 minutes to take the stage down quickly so the game can proceed. To say she’s nervous, is an understatement, but it’ll no doubt be a fiery performance as she’s not known for doing any less than that.  Even those that are not fans of Madonna have always walked away from her shows saying, “Wow that was friggen amazing.”

The Super Bowl press conference fired questions to Madonna.  Everyone is excited and in great spirits over her professionalism and that she’s performing.  View the video here:

Giants and Patriots players reveal their favorite songs by Super Bowl halftime performer Madonna and even sing a few lines here

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