Madonna brings down the stadium at the Super Bowl Halftime show with 100 million viewers

Madonna (53) has the #1 album in 50 countries this weekend. An album that isn’t even out yet. The woman creates a frenzy the way Michael Jackson did. She created one at the Super Bowl Halftime show today with most saying it was one of the most entertaining shows they’ve seen at the event.

If Madonna’s career has successfully spanned a couple of generations, her much-anticipated Super Bowl halftime show jumped across a couple of millennia.

Madonna was treated as such when the show kicked off Sunday night — being towed into the stadium on an extravagant Egyptian-themed float by buff Roman-looking soldiers.

Of course, Madonna was the float’s centerpiece.

Breaking into her worldwide hit “Vogue,” Madonna and her backup dancers danced like Egyptians while images of the pop princess were beamed on the stage’s foreground.

As the track mixed into “Music,” the backup dancers changed and the routine jumped more than 2,000 years forward to the 21st century — with electro pop duo LMFAO joining Madonna on stage as the music again jumped forward.

After a quick mash-up of LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem,” Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. — dressed in red and white cheerleader outfits — joined Madonna on stage at Lucas Oil Stadium for her new song “Give Me All Your Luvin.”

For the finale, Cee Lo Green joined Madonna as she pushed into a version “Like a Prayer,” backed by a full adult choir.

And then she was gone — literally disappearing in a cloud of smoke.

Watch Madonna’s Super Bowl Half time performance here

Pre-order Madonna’s new CD “MDNA” here

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