Jeremy Renner is hot in The Bourne Legacy

 Jeremy Renner carries his own film since “The Hurt Locker” this August in “The Bourne Legacy”.   This movie is going to be on fire when it comes out.  Jeremy co-starred in “The Town”, “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” and the upcoming “The Avengers” in May, so it’s great to finally see him prove once again that he’s perfectly capable of being a hot leading man.

There are some that are disappointed that this Bourne movie doesn’t feature Matt Damon who starred in the entire Bourne trilogy. They consider it blasphemy to have another actor starring in a Bourne movie. I do understand and get that as I’m not a fan of actors being changed on me either.

However, I loved the previous Bourne movies, but I was never a die hard fan so I’m unaffected by the change. The fact that I have a direct personal connection to Jeremy also makes me unbiased and unable to be objective in this case.

Watching the trailer for The Bourne Legacy has me beyond excited to watch Jeremy in action. He rips the scenes apart in the under two minute trailer. He’s one of the most gifted and underrated actors out there. It’s also nice to see someone who is 41 hitting A-List status thus only proving that ageism is also highly underrated. We witnessed that with Madonna at 53 at the Super Bowl Halftime show giving the network the highest ratings in history for the event.

The Bourne Legacy features Rachel Weisz from “The Mummy” and “The Constant Gardener” for which she received an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

 I’m also very excited to have one of my all time favorite actors who tore the screen in films like “American History X”, “Fight Club” and “Red Dragon”, Edward Norton, who is also co-starring in “The Bourne Legacy”.  He will be going toe to toe with Jeremy Renner.

To clear up a couple of rumors out there Jeremy Renner is not taking over the Mission Impossible franchise and nor is he taking over the Bourne franchise.  The character he’s playing in the new Bourne movie is not the character that Matt Damon has played.  This is a new movie with a different character.  If the studio’s later pitch a new Mission or Bourne movie to Jeremy and he likes it and his schedule is wide open then we may see more, but at this time there is nothing on the horizon or any interest.  The Bourne Legacy movie will be out an August, but here’s a little taste:

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