It’s time to tap into your muse as we’ve moved into the sign of Pisces.

Do I swim around all day eating plankton or do I bite the heads off little fish?  It’s time to tap into your muse as we’ve moved into my sign of Pisces.  Pisceans are broad-minded, artistic, sensitive.  We’re also extremely selfish, manic-depressive substance abusers.  All depends on what side of the bed I get up on.

How do you spot a fish?

You can tell whose a fish by catching their eyes which are typically big, beautiful, expressive, heavy lidded, full of liquid with a lot of lights.  The boundless ocean and other worldliness that projects out of them is a sleepy, dreamy gaze.  When he fixates on you, it’s hard not to turn to jelly.  You’ll usually catch more dimples than wrinkles.  Despite being quite shy, Pisceans tend to stare a lot while unknowingly melting hearts in the process.  Difficult.  Elusive.  Hard to pin down.  Magic is the keyword here.  He needs magic in his life and if you can give it to him, he’ll be hooked.  (get it, hooked).  How do you hook a slippery fish though?  Not with a worm, that’s for sure.  Try everything and nothing.  Look up most any actor and you’ll find the sign of Pisces lives somewhere in the top tier of their chart.

Some well known Piscean born actors include those photos below and again the eyes are the give away:

Anton Yelchin

Drew Barrymore

Daniel Craig

Through the muddiest waters going beyond any physical or social reality; beyond the unconscious and beyond everything we know.  Pisces is so sexy and seductive and they put all of themselves into the lurid act of seduction.  Don’t call it sex in their presence but making love.  

Olivia Wilde

Kellan Lutz

Sharon Stone

You better know how to swim and be willing to go places you’ve never dreamed of if you’re going to bed him.  Pisces will laser into the source of what it takes to synchronize you with your soul lessons. This is captivating and almost addictive for some lovers. For others it’s terribly frightening because they are not accustomed to the world of the unknown. 

Jensen Ackles

Rachel Weisz

Some deny these soul lessons and miss the ecstasy of a Pisces altogether – in or out of the bedroom! If you’re ready to evolve on any level, especially sexually – then catch a Pisces! Therein lies the problem, catching a fish isn’t easy.  Understanding them isn’t either. This Fish barely understands itself.

Sex with a Fish

Sex with a Pisces is just like that – transcendent beyond what you can imagine or understand, and oh, so slippery.  You really can’t describe a Pisces sexually you just have to experience them. Does all this sound confusing?  Excluding the other water signs – Scorpio and Cancer, you understand exactly what most people understand about Pisces – very little.

Delving into the ethereal realm of Pisces takes faith. To experience them sexually is to connect with that Oneness beyond what you know. Being able to blindly swim along with them is an adventure into a universe of ecstasy and dreams. It almost sounds great doesn’t it?  Well, just imagine going on a vacation to a remote Caribbean island blindfolded without a tour guide.  Even if you are the adventurous kind, your heart will skip a beat when you’re leaping off a cliff into unknown waters.

When it comes to love and sex most people stick with comfortable boundaries because it’s what they know and it’s safe. Being vulnerable isn’t always safe. The reality is the Pisces fish swims in oceans without boundaries and is constantly vulnerable.  This is their world and they live in it very comfortably. The question is can you?  Whether sex ventures into the erotic, unknown or even forbidden you’ll naturally want to reach out and hold onto them. The problem is how do you hold onto a slippery fish?

This is the secret to a Pisces union in sex or love – you can’t hold on.  Their dualistic nature has them going one way one minute and another way the next minute. As soon as you think you know which way they are going, they go the other way!  There’s really no better way to describe this than to think of it literally. Imagine trying to chase a fish in the ocean – very difficult!  It’s the same with your Pisces lover so don’t try to catch them!  This however, does not mean they can’t be caught – they can. Some people catch fish by hand which is violently shocking and the Fish will flip-flop with all it’s being to resist this. Either the fisherman wins and Pisces becomes lifeless and lost or it flops back into the freedom of the water. This volatile catch-n-release union will be a constant challenge for both of you!

The most common way to catch a fish is to dangle bait in the water and wait for a bite. The only issue here is you might wait forever for that fish to bite, if it bites – it’s your risk!  Just know, when they WANT to bite and be caught, they’ll bite and let themselves be caught. This union will be one of choice but still on their terms and only when they are ready. Why not take the path of least resistance with a Pisces?  Just swim along with them wherever they go. Don’t chase or try to catch them – just BE with them in the beautiful way they glide through oceans of dreamy ecstasy.

So what does this all have to do with sex? A lot actually – Pisces brings you to the center of the most spiritual ecstasy we experience as humans. They teach us it’s time for something new and their deepest sexual yearnings will trigger deeper yearnings in you. Pisces is also the lesson of closure, letting go and making room for new cycles. Empty the baggage from your closet because if you don’t, it’s likely they will!  Unfinished business such as trauma, rape, abuse, or other sexual fears will be exposed either consciously or unconsciously. You can either choose to swim in these muddy waters to heal them with your Pisces lover or resist. It’s sort of like choosing to sail on a beautiful day or sailing in the eye of a storm. This is part of the difficulty in dealing with a Pisces. You’re never sure what you’re getting – the realist or the dreamer?

Keep in mind a realist-Pisces will only conform to themself – not you! They will in a very matter of fact manner see the glass as half empty or not even see a glass. On the other hand, they have an air about them of unconscious motivation and often disappear into a dreamland. This is really about deeper desires for something greater than themselves. Many lovers can’t handle it when Pisces leaves the Now to journey for that something else. They complain Pisces is off in their head daydreaming, lost in some made up story or worry instead of being with them. For some Fish this escape is sex –secretive activities, living out fantasies, forbidden desires or involvements. Keeping a Fish loyal is going to be difficult if their partner is not spiritually evolved. Pisces will do anything to escape and alcohol is one of their favorites but so are excessive hobbies, substances, gambling, and occultism.  Living in a freeform ocean is not for everyone.

This ecstatic Pisces rapture of detachment and illusions are lessons for even the most seasoned lovers. Most importantly, the dreamy world of Pisces is confusing and challenging and not a place for clingy or needy lovers! If this is you, look for an earth sign it will be a more peaceful experience. If you’ve read this far and still aren’t sure what a Pisces is like sexually, then you’re right where you should be. It would be difficult to say because everyone is at a different place in his or her evolutionary journey. Your experience with Pisces will be defined by wherever you are.

If you’re open and willing to experiment you might find yourself living out the female Pisces fantasy of being a prostitute or having sex in a porn shop booth.  If you’re holding onto sexual pain the male Pisces may slowly dredge this to the top with his compassionate and sensual lovemaking that will heal if you let it.

Sexually, Pisces tends to like scraping the bottom of the ocean floor for what appeases them. It’s not that they don’t like that Little Mermaid or Prince – they do. It’s just if this beauty comes with drama they will avoid it at all costs!


We must not forget the flip side of this mysterious sex partner. Their world is full of emotion and they will cause yours to rise and fall like large waves. If you’ve ever surfed you’ll know what an amazing experience this is. Those air signs that live in their heads like Gemini and Aquarius will be enamored and drawn to this emotional sign because it’s so foreign.  Frankly, not much unlike the other signs they’ll either learn to ride the wave or be pulled under by the tide. No other sign is as sensual and loving to the point of rapturous ecstasy. They will love you like you’ve never been loved and show you the other mysterious sex galaxy.

Many fine musicians, artists, art critics, poets, writers and lecturers come out of this sign.  The sign has also spawned some controversial authors, because as always the Piscean sees what others don’t want to.

Chuck Palahniuk, Author (Fight Club)

Jack Kerouac, Author (On the Road)

Brett Eastin Ellis, Author (American Psycho)


This self-made man lives by his own design and a partner will need corroborate with his views or it will be a bumpy ride! This male will always pursue his own ambitions and he expects that you understand this. The Pisces male is the epitome of “self-fulfilling” prophecy. He never tries to do something he just exists as if he’s already achieved what he wants. Not so mysteriously he achieves it all, but he could have told you that.

A typical Piscean man is sensual, sexy, good looking, cute and passionate.

As a male in a feminine sign, he has the ability to imagine his intentions into reality. He also exemplifies love and change as a mutable water sign. In love, this zodiac drifter does not want to own or be owned. He does not fall in love- he enters into love. “Cling-free-love” is the theme of anything they do, including their past. If their past doesn’t suit their mythical self-image they will leave no trail or evidence of its existence.

Without warning or discussion he will either tune in or tune out a partner based on her behavior. If he likes it and is pleased, she gets all his attention. If he’s at all displeased he simply swims the other way. Partners must adapt and be aware of this.

The good news is he doesn’t pull any punches. You’ll be very clear when he’s pleased because his full-on attention is glorious and flattering. On the flip side when he disappears he does so without warning, rhyme or reason. As soon as you think you’ve figured out why and strategize a plan, he swims back around as if he never left. Instantly you’re drawn back into his dreamy world. It works like magic because this man has mastered this manipulative science. It’s how he gets whatever he wants. This fishy behavior is frustrating unless you’ve accepted that this is his dualistic nature and you won’t understand it. It’s a choice to swim along with him this way or risk one day he’ll swim away and never come back.

One thing for sure, no one gets in his heart space unless they can love without expectation. If this doesn’t work for you then get out as fast as you can – he won’t mind. There are plenty of fish in the sea and he knows he’s a good catch. Sexually very little shocks the Pisces male but on the same token nothing fascinates him beyond reason. Of all the signs, he’s the least moved by sex because he is the one who already wanders into the Other Side or Dark Sides. He can take it or leave it, which is why you might wait a long time for him to make a move.

The only real way to get his attention is to not try to get his attention. Let him know you’re interested and he’ll swim around when he feels like it. Be sure he knows your willing to venture into the unknown worlds with him. When it’s appropriate allude to your dark side in the bedroom or your love of oral sex and he’ll come around.

There is no doubt about it when this Pisces man puts his mind and body into having sex or making love, he’ll send you into space and you’ll never forget it. The biggest cardinal rule with this man is no clinging or crowding – unless you want to get rid of him. Visually, feel sexy inside because he sees right through you!

They are pure yet experienced and they don’t lord it over anyone. They have humility, grace, wisdom, and sweet and sexy vernaculars. They will predict the future for you. The Pisces personality understands LOVE, the highest thing we humans are capable of here on this planet. They put all the other signs to shame with their compassion and empathy. While an Aquarius is preaching love and brotherhood Pisces will be in the trenches performing random acts of kindness.

The gelatinous, indistinct blob that the Pisces personality can become shouldn’t offend anyone. They are thoroughly inoffensive and good at cuddling. So besot up to them one fine eve and take them home and light a candle, put on some Gyoto monks, pour them a glass of wine, and philosophize with them about everything and nothing. Pisces will put out, don’t worry. Sex to them is like passing out gum. They are easy and like I said good at carnal acts and carnival acts too. They like to be dominated and are waiting for you to make the first move.

If something doesn’t happen Pisces will write it off as Fate. They believe either something is in the cards or its not. If it is, it will happen of its own accord, if not, it wasn’t meant to be. Who is Pisces to go against Fate? They won’t.  And finally, you may find it extremely difficult to learn how to lure a Pisces in because they don’t reveal their feelings so easily. He gets attracted to anything and everything, which is stress free, as he detests limitations in his life. On the flip side, he may also get attracted to things, which swirl his emotions.

Head-for-Bed Line: “Help the homeless. Take me back to your place.”

Making Up With Pisces

Throw yourself at the mercy of this compassionate sign. Pisces can’t stand to see anybody suffer. Be less possessive and demanding. The Fish can’t stand a romance that resembles a prison. Accept the fact that this lover is extremely sensitive, and needs to be handled with kid gloves. Vow to be more tender and loving. Get into the habit of expressing your love on a daily basis, not just special occasions and you’ll have him wrapped around you in no time.

SEXY PISCES TRAITS: Sensitive and compassionate, intuitive, psychic, imaginative, artsy talents, creative, incredibly insightful, very sensual, into novelty, gallantry, peaceful, dreamer, rapturous, embodies ecstasy, and into the mystical or metaphysical.

Pisceans have seen composers, politicians and writers in all forms be born under this most hard to understand sign.

Alexander Graham Bell, Andrew Jackson, Ansel Adams, Bruce Willis, Charlotte Church, George Washington, Jack Kerouac, James Madison, James Merrill, Howard Nemerov, James Taylor, Johnny Cash, Juliette Binoche, Lou Reed, Nat King Cole, Quincy Jones, Spike Lee, Tom Wolfe, Victor Hugo, Ralph Nader, Michaelangelo, Dr. Seuss, Shaquille O’Neal, Holly Hunter, Benecio Del Toro, Bugsy Siegal, Jon Bon Jovi, Rob Reiner, Ron Howard, Prince Edward, Albert Einstein, Rupert Murdoch, L. Ron Hubbard, Vivaldi, Timbaland, Bix Beiderbecke, Will i am, Josh Grobin, Justin Bieber, Ke$ha

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