Zac Efron gets busy playing with himself, sort of; The Lucky One opens in theaters this month.

Zac Efron is one of those guy’s who will always be considered to be like fine wine.  He’s only going to continue getting even more attractive the older he gets.  I met him back in December and on NYE, I can tell you that he is exactly what you expect…a sweetheart.  He surprisingly doesn’t really drink.  He’s not a party animal which makes sense because you don’t look that good getting trashed every week.

I hope he’ll forgive me for posting these photos where he’s reaching into places that shouldn’t be caught by a camera, but he looks so damn good you’ve got to own it and flaunt it.

He’ll be seen this month in the romantic drama, “The Lucky One.”

Uh-oh…he discovers he’s being watched:

He aims the camera right back at them!

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