Angel Tarot Card deck. Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine

Doreen Virtue’s Angel Tarot Card deck is available now.  She’s used the basis of the traditional Tarot, but without all the negativity or scary images that can often be associated with it.  This deck is pure love and light with gorgeous angel illustrations.  This is a definite must have for any angel enthusiast.  It really is one of the most beautiful and powerful tarot decks ever made.


I had been waiting forever for an Angel oracle deck that was made to mirror the traditional Tarot, but without all of the negativity and ego based properties that tend to be associated with the Tarot. This is one of the most alluring and poetic Tarot decks I’ve ever seen. From the moment I opened the package I felt a rush of incredible uplifting energy flow through me. Each card is very powerful and the artwork and illustrations are detailed and magical.  This is one of the most stunning and impressive Tarot decks I’ve come across.

There are 78 cards just as you would find in the traditional Tarot, but this deck only uses gentle words and images. Some words have been changed for certain cards that would exist in a regular Tarot. You won’t find the “Devil” card in this deck, but an alternative name, “Ego”.  There is also no “Tower” card which is usually a frightening image in the traditional Tarot, but in this deck is more appropriately titled for me anyway, “Life Experience”.

The Major Arcana exists in the deck, but each card corresponds to a specific Archangel. For example:

Justice – Archangel Raguel
The Sun – Archangel Uriel
The Hermit – Archangel Raziel
The Wheel – Archangel Michael
The Chariot – Archangel Metatron
Life Experience – Archangel Chamuel
Strength – Archangel Azrael
The Dreamer – Archangel Metatron
Unity – Archangel Sandalphon
Renewal – Archangel Jeremial
Awakening – Archangel Gabriel
The Lovers – Archangel Raphael
The World – Archangel Michael
The Star – Archangel Jophiel
Balance – Archangel Zadkiel
Ego – Archangel Jophiel
The High Priestess – Archangel Haniel
The Magician – Archangel Raziel
The Empress – Archangel Gabriel
The Emperor – Archangel Michael
Release – Archangel Azrael

It was interesting to find that each of the Major Arcana cards correlated perfectly to a specific Archangel and that Archangels speciality. What I loved as well was that each of the Four Elements in the Minor Arcana also corresponded to something magical and angelic. There is nothing harsh about this deck.

In a traditional Tarot you would have the Fire Wand set and in this deck the cards are labeled as “Six of Fire”, “Seven of Fire” and so forth. The beautiful artwork for this element is of Dragons. Picture the “fire” breathing image of a Dragon as well as the Chinese Astrology depiction of the Dragon behavior. Fire is action oriented. (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

As for the Sword set in a traditional Tarot which would be the element of ‘air’, this deck is made up of magical Unicorns. “Five of Air”, “Six of Air” etc. Imagine a Unicorns horn as a symbol of the Sword. Unicorns are airy and whimsical just like the element of Air which also represents thought and mental processes. (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

The Pentacles reside in the Earth element in a traditional Tarot, but in this deck the images are of Fairies in Garden like atmospheres, “Three of Earth”, “Four of Earth”. etc. In the Tarot deck the Pentacle cards are associated with the physical and tangible, so it’s no surprise the image of the Elementals also known as Fairies are used. Fairies are outside in nature and assist us with concrete needs such as finances, home and sometimes obtaining love. (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

Water is the most beautiful section of the deck using Mermaids as the star of this part within the set. In a traditional Tarot it would be known as “Cups/Water”. “Seven of Water”, “Eight of Water” etc.  The visions of the Mermaids in blue sparkling water associate with emotions, feeling and needs. The Mermaids dive into the depths of water or in this case assists us with getting to the core of an issue internally in order to manifest our desires. (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

Each set within this set of cards have different colors that correlate with each set. You can easily pull them out within the deck. The Water set has a Blue border, Earth has Green, Air has Royal Blue, Fire has Burgundy and the Major Arcana is Royal Purple.

I’m going to ad this in once and I don’t want to see it come up again, but with any of the statements I’ve made in this review I am not knocking the Tarot and nor am I saying that there aren’t better decks out there. I’m simply saying that I gravitated towards this deck for two reasons: (1) The imagery and (2) the fact that it merged the Angel Oracle Deck with the Tarot.  I have other Tarot decks, but this one was exactly what I was waiting for all these years.

If you’re new to the Tarot, but have had difficulty in learning the way it works, this is a great deck to use. I’ve always found some of the Tarot decks to be difficult to gravitate towards and learn. I did not have that issue with this one. It’s laid out efficiently in the little guidebook that comes along with it. More importantly this deck is also an angel deck to assist you in becoming more familiar with the Angels and Elements that make up the other spiritual planes. This deck is also helpful in getting to know some of the Archangels functions on top of that.

The cards in this deck are always accurate for me.  I manage to pull the exact cards that are mirroring the situation or feeling I’m having that given day.  Sometimes I’ll keep pulling the same card repeatedly to get me to notice an issue or concern that I’m not addressing or a foretelling of what’s to come.  I’ve given reads for other people and have found the same cards would keep falling out for them.

The cards have some key phrases and words on them as this is a deck that was made so that a beginner or someone new to Tarot could easily use.

I’ve finally found a Tarot deck that I’m 100% happy and comfortable with using effortlessly and with complete accuracy.  Other decks I’ve used would fall to the wayside as I wasn’t gravitating towards them or feeling any sense of excitement or truth.  I have not had that problem with this deck.  This is now my prized possession. This is truly a gift from the heavens. Kevin Hunter

“Doreen Virtue is a spiritual doctor of psychology and a fourth-generation metaphysician who works with the angelic, elemental, and ascended-master realms in her writings and workshops.”

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It is Earth Day today.  Remember to be appreciative of this planet we all share.

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