Michelle Pfeiffer is 54 today and looking foxy. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Michelle!  

You’ll have to forgive the occasional posts that pop up on Michelle Pfeiffer.  She’s someone I’ve known personally for 16 years and when you know someone whose career is in the public eye, you give them some shameless promotion every now and then.  Jeremy Renner is another one I know in person, but only for a year.  Plus they’re both so talented its difficult not to plug them.  I just have to be mindful that it’s not overbearing to some readers who could care less.

Michelle Pfeiffer is 54 today.  Here is a raw video of her at CinemaCon on Thursday night looking foxy!  Also an exclusive Dark Shadows clip.  A scene between Johnny Depp and Michelle.  Delicious.  I’ll ad Jeremy’s video at CinemaCon as well, just cause…..

Michelle Pfeiffer – CinemaCon 4/26/12

Dark Shadows clip – Johnny Depp & Michelle Pfeiffer scene

Jeremy Renner – CinemaCon 4/26/12

Jeremy Renner training for the Avengers:

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