Venus Retrograde 2012: 5/15/12 – 6/27/12. Eros doesn’t always play fair.

Between now and the end of June you will notice that many people will be needier than usual. They will also be feeling heavily unloved and/or rejected. Some may even have tantrums that are disguised in the form of victimhood or martyrdom. This will not be a time to date or get involved with new people as the odds of it lasting will be slim and will most likely be over at some point into the Summer. If you do happen to meet someone now, take it slow, do not move forward. Wait until July and you will know if you were seeing it with rose colored glasses or not. Most likely you were blinded. Current friendships and relationships that have been rocky WILL end now. Others will question their current friendships and relationships and will axe those where they are no longer feeling fulfilled. Many will retreat, be distant or simply disappear for awhile.

However, on the brighter side, many will find that people from the past, such as exes and former friends will be popping back up for unfinished business or closure. Those are the only relationships during this period that have a shot at being rekindled and reworked. You will know by the end of June if it’s a relationship that can start as a fresh new union. This energy is heavily due to planet Venus moving Retrograde. Test my hypothesis before you discredit it and notice if any of these things I’ve mentioned happen. Remember, Eros doesn’t always play fair…

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