Michelle Pfeiffer is set to join Robert DeNiro in Mafia film

Michelle Pfeiffer  is coming off the success of Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows currently in theaters and pushing the $200 million mark internationally.  She’s getting ready to join some more powerhouses with the the pairing of Director, Luc Besson and Robert De Niro for the gangster pic “Malativa“.  This has many already sold, but add Michelle Pfeiffer to the mix? That’s one potentially explosive movie.

Based on Tonino Benacquista’s novel, “Badfellas”, Malavita follows a mafia family who seeks witness protection in France.   The problem is that they brought their criminal habits with them and start to deal with things in the old-fashioned way.

De Niro is set to star as the head of the family, who was also head of the local crime family until he turned rat.  Pfeiffer is set to star as his wife who has a soft spot for using arson and playing with matches against those who cross her.   Fucking awesome!

Besson, who wrote the script and will also produce, is eyeing a production start this August 2012.

De Niro and Pfeiffer last paried up in Matthew Vaughn’s “Stardust” where she played a witch trying to reverse her age and he played a flamboyant Pirate.

Production for Malavita is gearing to shoot this August in France for a 2013 release.

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