The Bourne Legacy – Jeremy Renner opens his first film since The Hurt Locker

Jeremy Renner is one of the greatest and most talented actors around today, but can he open a film?  That’s the big hope on Studio Executive’s minds.  They are rooting for him naturally, as I am too.  I’ve loved every performance he’s ever incarnated into since “Dahmer”.   He’s got the intensity of Russell Crowe and Jodie Foster while reaching untouched heights of rage and despair.  The last movie he starred as the lead was “The Hurt Locker” back in 2008, which grossed 17 million in the U.S. and 32 million internationally.  Films tend to do much better in other parts of the world than the U.S. typically.

“The Hurt Locker” was critically acclaimed and put Jeremy Renner on every Casting Directors dream list.  Due to that films notoriety he was offered top notch supporting actor work in several box office smashes after that, “The Town” grossed 92 million, “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” grossed 209 million and “The Avengers” that has grossed 600 million to date.  “Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters” was scheduled to be released back in March 2012, but the studio for that film pushed it way into January 2013 in hopes that Jeremy Renner’s star power will be much higher by then.

His next film, “The Bourne Legacy”, will showcase him as the lead carrying it on his not so fragile shoulders.  The studio has already delayed the release by a week fearing it’ll drown with the “Dark Knight Rises” release before that at the end of July.  They want “The Bourne Legacy” to have a big box office opening and don’t want anything threatening that.

Although, I wonder what’s the big deal about having a big box office opening.  “Dark Shadows”, the Tim Burton movie with Johnny Depp and Michelle Pfeiffer, was released one week after “The Avengers” came out.  “The Avengers was so popular that it stayed at #1 the following week prompting “Dark Shadows” to open at #2 with a low box office weekend.

“Dark Shadows” was criticized by some as being a flop when it opened at 30 million.  Um-that’s pretty damn good if you ask me.  Other naysayers said it would dwindle off the charts and not make back it’s $150 million budget price tag.  Those were negative nancy’s who reveled and wallowed in seeing it fail due to the movie tone not being quite like the TV series.

“Dark Shadows” has currently grossed $215 million to date and that’s not including what it’ll make on DVD rentals and sales.  I think you can safely say that “Dark Shadows” is a big success.  It had a slow gradual build over the weeks after its release prompting it to make a lot of money and delighting film goers at the same time.  Both “The Avengers” and “Dark Shadows” were excellent for those that haven’t seen either of them.

The studio should allow “The Bourne Legacy” to have that gradual build, but they’re worried about how the public will respond to the film to begin with.  There are “Bourne” fans who have insisted on boycotting the film due to the fact that Matt Damon isn’t in it.  He starred in the previous three “Bourne” films, although filmmakers insist this is a completely different film and Matt Damon has not been replaced.

Many still don’t know who Jeremy Renner is (which is a crime by the way).  I’ll mention to people the upcoming release of “The Bourne Legacy” with Jeremy Renner and they’ll say, “Whose that?”  I say, “He was in “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” and “The Avengers”.  They’ll say, “Hmm, ok.” Pause.  Then, “Which one was he?”  I say, “He was ‘Hawkeye’.”  They stare blankly into space, so I ad, “The guy with the bow and arrow.”  Then they finally go, “Ohhh Ok.  Yeah, he was good.  I liked him.”  I think after the release of “The Bourne Legacy” less people will scratch their heads wondering who Jeremy Renner is.

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