Dark Shadows comes to DVD October 2, 2012

Dark Shadows comes to DVD on October 2, 2012.  Just in time for Fall, Halloween and Tim Burton’s new film with Winona Ryder, “Frankenweenie“.

I was a big fan of the Dark Shadows TV series and was excited to hear that Tim Burton was going to make the movie. I thought if anyone can create the murky dark atmosphere of the TV series it would be him. I along with others was disappointed to see the corny trailer that came out. A comedy? What? Sacrilege. I decided to see the movie anyway making my peace with the fact that this was not going to be like the TV show. I was able to separate the two and just look at it as its own piece and its own movie.

Luckily by doing that, I found that I was entertained with this film and enjoyed every minute of it. I suppose it did what its job was meant to do. Entertain. I also found that it wasn’t nearly as comedic as they made it out to be with the trailer. It was darker and more gothic and interesting. The mood as in any Tim Burton movie was offbeat and not of this world. Johnny Depp who did not look like himself made a great vampire coming to terms with being in the wrong century. Michelle Pfeiffer was stunning and as always lit up the screen with her ferocious take on the reclusive dark matriarch. The two surprises were Eva Green as Angelique Bouchard and Chloe Moretz who played Carolyn Stoddard. They both leapt gleefully into their characters prompting me to wonder who those two actors I’d never heard of were.

Critiquing this movie as its own piece without comparing it to the TV series or Tim Burton’s earlier work, I thought it was fun and entertaining. Comparing it to the TV series or Burton’s older films, then no it doesn’t hold a candle and not his best work. It was however better than Planet of the Apes, Big Fish, Alice in Wonderland and maybe even Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. Sweeney Todd was a great movie, but I can only take so much of a movie where people are singing throughout it. As great as Sweeney Todd was, I’m more likely to throw this Dark Shadows on instead. Just my personal opinion.

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