Top 20 Enjoyable Actors

Picks for the Top 20 “Enjoyable” Actors who should be on the Top 20 list of enjoyable actors this year if they’re not. These are actors who also have a great body of work as well as star power and magnetism. There is something about them that draws you in to watch. They may not necessarily be on top or making any movies this year, but they are always memorable. We all have our favorites, so this is not meant to be taken seriously. It’s for entertainment and there are some greats that were missed. It’s impossible to include everybody and your favorites may not be on this list. There may be some you totally disagree with and I think I know who they are, but remember I said, “Enjoyable”. They don’t have to be the greatest actor alive. What I find interesting though is that there aren’t that many current ones. What happened to the movie stars of today?

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