Michelle Pfeiffer: Dark Shadows. People Like Us. New Year’s Eve. All on DVD.

The always beautiful Michelle Pfeiffer graced us with her presence in three films this past year in 2012.  All three of them are now available on DVD.  Even if you were not a terribly big fan of New Year’s Eve or even Dark Shadows, you cannot deny that you know it’s always enjoyable when Michelle is in the shot. In fact, the best thing about New Year’s Eve were the scenes with Michelle and Zac Efron. I would’ve preferred to just watch an entire movie that revolved around their story line. As for Dark Shadows, I actually enjoyed it and found it to be a fun film. I knew going in that the movie was nothing like the TV series so I made my peace with it beforehand and watched it completely removed from the 60’s gothic TV Show.  Michelle was naturally one of the highlights of the film and was deliciously dark.  In People Like Us, Michelle churns out a performance that had better get her recognized during awards season this year.  She was stripped down, raw and brilliant in it.




Michelle Pfeiffer is currently in Europe shooting a movie with Robert DeNiro called “Malavita”. DeNiro is a gangster and Pfeiffer is his wife who likes to blow things up. The movie is scheduled for a Spring 2013 release.

Michelle Pfeiffer hanging on the set of “People Like Us”

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