Dr. Wong discusses male testosterone and hair growth and loss

Dr. Wong’s Essentials Natural Health website discusses male testosterone.  A pot bellied, thin armed balding man with a slight erectile dysfunction looks to his wife proudly and proclaims “My doctor says I’m losing my hair because I have too much testosterone.” Ah, pride cometh before the fall! Look at your usual specimen of balding male; honestly does the average balding male look like he has too much testosterone floating ’round his body? Does he have: Good musculature, tight waist, great sexual function, consistently good erection size, good moods, no depression, great mental drive? Vin Diesel might still have all or most of these attributes but he would be one of the few balding men I can think of that does. In most guys loosing hair comes along with an increase in the hormone Di Hydro Testosterone, the swollen prostate, prostate cancer and hair loss hormone. And, sorry to tell you guys, DHT is not really testosterone despite its name and being classified as an androgen (male hormone)! In vivo (in live people not in a test tube or on paper), DHT is mostly made from estrogen. And, estrogen levels in the body have to increase before DHT levels get critical enough to cost you your hair. It is estrogen that causes muscle loss, fat gain, cranky moods, depression, swollen prostates and lack of mental drive.

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