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Dr. Wong discusses male testosterone and hair growth and loss

Dr. Wong’s Essentials Natural Health website discusses male testosterone.  A pot bellied, thin armed balding man with a slight erectile dysfunction looks to his wife proudly and proclaims “My doctor says I’m losing my hair because I have too much … Continue reading

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Ending Addiction, Anxiety and Depression Without Drugs

Dr. Stephen Stokes, owner of Advanced Pain Solutions in Fort Myers Florida talks about his program developed to help patients overcome addictions like smoking, alcohol, prescription drugs even food. The key is a combination of Neurotransmitter Therapy with Auriculotherapy. These … Continue reading

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Muscletech Neurocore – One of the best sports supplements for working out

This stuff is a great uplifting energy booster. I don’t use this everyday because it’s very powerful and might create extra agitation and anxiety. I mainly use this on days where I’m working out and exercising. I’ll generally use 1, … Continue reading

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Bulk organic herbs, spices & essential oils from Mountain Rose Herbs

“All food has vibration, and you want to vibrate as high and fine as you feel attuned to. Eat a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, and whole grains, which have the highest vibrational frequencies. Avoid meats, dairy, alcohol, … Continue reading

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12 Depression Busters For Men –

  12 Depression Busters for Men Help for Men Struggling with Depression By Therese J. Borchard In the spring of 2006, the depression of two very successful men made newspaper headlines in Maryland: Phil Merrill, a renowned publisher, entrepreneur and … Continue reading

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Magnesium is great for anxiety and depression

I’ve been taking up to 1000 mg. a day of Magnesium and have found I can reduce and even eliminate my anti-depression medication.  This is great news for those looking for other ways to eliminate being on meds.  Of course … Continue reading

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8 Mood-Lifting Tricks to Learn From Happy People

Are you a yes-man, gossip queen, or negative Nancy? Toxic tendencies can take a toll on your well-being — so resolve to give up these bad habits for good. Improve your life now by reading this article and taking the … Continue reading

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